Sunday, November 9, 2008

5 Tips for Adding a Little Spice to Holiday Entertaining

The holiday season is officially here with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Here are some of my personal tips for adding a little extra spice to you holiday entertaining.

1. Make your own flavorful favors: I love sending my guests away with freshly baked sweets. There's something about a home-made cake or sweet bread that is unbelievably comforting and warms the soul.

2. Experiment with classic dishes: Now is the perfect time to be creative and try something new. Add that unconventional ingredient to put your signature twist on a classic.

3. Add personal touches: Store-bought goods can come in handy, but nothing is better than incorporating your own customized decor. From hand-written menus to place settings to centerpieces, find a way to let your unique style sensibility shine.

4. Serve a themed drink: This is another perfect way to add your personalized stamp to your event. Put your own little spin on something well-known or go all out and concoct your own!

5. Don't get overwhelmed: Entertaining is all about enjoying your guests. The host's vibe permeates a room and sets the tone of any party. If you're sending out positive vibes and having a great time, chances are so will your guests.

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