Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Petunias: Pre-Spring Planting

My Hanging Baskets: Petunias and Fuchsia

Spring officially starts tomorrow, but I couldn't wait! I spent this past weekend on a first for me: planting hanging baskets. I used petunias in my garden last year and really liked the blooms, so I decided to include them in my initial basket projects. While we were out picking up supplies, my husband helped a woman and her mother lift some oversized soil bags. She noticed the petunias and baskets in our cart and recommended another beautiful plant for hanging--Fuchsia. Its pinkish-red and purple flowers are something to behold. It is amazing how a few hanging baskets with beautiful blooms can brighten your home. I put a few baskets out on my front porch, and a couple on shepherds hooks in the backyard. I just love Spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Current Obsession: Herb Gardens

With Spring weather in full swing here in Atlanta, I'm hankering to start gardening. My pansies and tulips are still in bloom in the front yard, so my focus has turned to our clean slate of a backyard. First on my list of tasks to tackle is an herb garden. I use cilantro most frequently, but I'd also love to grow basil, dill, thyme and sage. I'm still in the process of deciding the best route to take -- one large planter vs. multiple pots vs. planting bed -- but below are a few items I've been drawn to while planning my new project:


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