Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Petunias: Pre-Spring Planting

My Hanging Baskets: Petunias and Fuchsia

Spring officially starts tomorrow, but I couldn't wait! I spent this past weekend on a first for me: planting hanging baskets. I used petunias in my garden last year and really liked the blooms, so I decided to include them in my initial basket projects. While we were out picking up supplies, my husband helped a woman and her mother lift some oversized soil bags. She noticed the petunias and baskets in our cart and recommended another beautiful plant for hanging--Fuchsia. Its pinkish-red and purple flowers are something to behold. It is amazing how a few hanging baskets with beautiful blooms can brighten your home. I put a few baskets out on my front porch, and a couple on shepherds hooks in the backyard. I just love Spring!

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh they are ALL sooo pretty! The daffodils sprung in our garden and well as hycinths and those trees with bright yellow leaves/flowers <-- I tend to always forget their names :)



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