Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring 2009 - Blooming Fashion Trends

While fashionistas are busy catching the Fall shows in NYC and partying at designer soirees, I'm bringing you my favorite Spring trends.

  • Nudes & Neutrals: You can never go wrong with these basics, but this season try them in a sky-high strappy heel flirty floaty blouse.

  • Slouchy Pants: Okay. I know what you're going to say. Let the MC Hammer pants die with the '90s. But, pair these pants with gladiator heels and a smart jacket or tank and you'll rule the runway -- or at least the sidewalk or grocery store aisle.

  • Bold Jewelry: From the chunky natural, enamel or baubled bracelets to the bejeweled collared necklaces, the must have jewelry this season is BIG & BOLD.

  • Pretty Florals: You'll see these beautifully refreshing prints on everything from shoes to skirts to bags.

  • White Denim: I promise I'm not trying to go I Love the '80s on you. But pair skinny white jeans with almost any of the items mentioned above, and you'll be instantly Spring chic!

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