Tuesday, February 17, 2009

domino: The Book of Decorating

It's Christmas morning at the Cooper-Almond abode. Paper and ribbon strewn everywhere. An air of pleasant surprise fills the room. I'm giddy, in anticipation of the arrival of my favorite (and cheapest) gift...a subscription to domino magazine - The Guide to Living with Style. January passes. With little patience, I can't wait and have to buy the February issue off the newsstand. It's amazing -- all about organization. Wink,wink to friends who have seen my desk situation. My February issue finally arrives in the mail. I read it as if new and tab my favorite items - again. Then I catch wind of HORRIBLE news. The March issue will be its last. Depressing. domino was by far my favorite magazine, it encompassed the things I love most - entertaining and decorating. Although I won't be receiving my years worth of goodness, I do still have access to domino: The Book of Decorating. The online previews make this book an easy sell - even top interior designers have this guide on their must read list.


  1. From the beginning of your entry, I was convinced I should go ahead and subscribe too! Then you say it's discontinued. What a bummer. Did they even refund your subscribtion fee?!

  2. Unfortunately, no. I was thinking that because Lucky is its sister mag they might transfer the subscription. Highly unlikely though.

  3. Did you hear???? .. Domino mag may be coming back with special issues yeaaaahhhh!!!

    1. Yes!!! I can't wait for the April release.



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