Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Current Reading: A Mercy by Toni Morrison

So one of my goals for this year is to do more reading. I've already completed my first book The Martha Rules, a book about business management by Martha Stewart which she starting writing during her prison stint. Very good insight and advice for those with bursting with an entrepreneurial spirit.

My current endeavor is A Mercy by Toni Morrison. Believe it or not this is the first Toni Morrison work I've ever read. I saw Beloved and liked it -- apparently I was among a small group that did. A Mercy was hailed as one of the top books published in 2008 by multiple outlets. From the beginning I was drawn to it.

The story is told through the eyes of multiple characters, but paints a clear, cohesive picture of the lives of indentured servants and reluctant masters during the 1600s in a young America. I'm about a third of the way through the novel now. Everytime I pick it up it's hard to put back down.

I definitely recommend it.

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